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Sirius SatelliteXM radio
Sirius SatelliteXM Radio
Cheapest Prices ever!

Sirius Starmate Replay Satellite

Radio Receiver with Car Kit – Black
Model: ST2, allows access to
commercial-free channels and comes
with convenient pause, rewind.
Pioneer XM Inno Radio MP3 player
Pioneer Inno XMRadio MP3 Player
Cheapest Prices ever!
Introducing the next generation of XM2go, the XM Pioneer Inno. It's the only live portable satellite radio and MP3 player in one convenient unit. And it's only from XM. Listen to up to 170 XM channels on the go, record XM channels at home or in your car, even mix and record your MP3s, WMAs and XM tracks. It's a snap to create and manage your playlists and files, tag your favorite songs and purchase them on line using XM + Napster. Even more impressively, you can control it all by a full function remote.TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE
Direct TV Standard Receiver
Direct TV Standard Receiver
Cheapest Prices ever!
This DirectTV Standard Receiver allows you to receive over 250 digital-quality channels. Plus, you'll be able to quickly navigate through programming by using the miniGuide—a customizable on-screen channel guide.The receiver allows you to mix channels for more efficient navigation and viewing. With the DirectTV Active function, you can personalize information to feature the latest updates on local weather, horoscopes, lottery results, Best Bets, Mix Channels and pay-per-view suggestions.The DirectTV standard receiver offers comprehensive parental controls that allow you to set rating restrictions and spending limits. TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE
Direct TV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna
DirectTV MultiSatellite Dish Antenna
Cheapest prices ever!

Multi-satellite dish: Get more out of DIRECTV®. Three integrated LNBs give you all available DIRECTV broadcasts, including HDTV packages.Connect up to four DIRECTV receivers so everyone can watch different channels throughout the house.Improved mounting system is easy to install, and designed to stand up against the elements. While this dish is able to receive all available DIRECTV broadcasts, you will also need a subscription service to supply the signal, and a receiver that's able to use those signals properly.TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE

Sirius Hand held XM radio
Sirius Hadheld Satellite Radio
Cheapest Prices ever
This portable receiver gives you a range of listening options. When connected to the car dock or the optional home dock, you can listen to live SIRIUS broadcasts. You can also record SIRIUS content, which allows you to take programming with you when you're not at a dock. You can even wear the unit with an armband, to keep your tunes close at hand no matter what you're doing. TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE
Direct TV HD Receiver
Direct TV HD Receiver
Cheapest prices ever!

 Enjoy more than 250 digital-quality channels with DIRECTV. You'll also receive stunning high-definition broadcasts which now include your local channels in this format. With lots of premium channels and a variety of sports packages to choose from, there's always something to watch. Get program listings days in advance with the Advanced Program Guide™. Choose a DIRECTV package that accommodates HDTV signals for the ultimate in programming options. Dolby® Digital 5.1 and digital audio outputs mean you get amazing sound. HDMI, HD component and S-video compatibility.Simultaneous SD/HD outputs, Caller ID, parental controls, channel banner, on screen guide and custom search features make it simple to watch TV the way you want. TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE

SamsungXM2go 512MB satellite Radio
SamsungXM2go Satellite Radio
Cheapest prices ever

The XM2go neXus gives you the options to listen however you want. Dock it at home or in the car (sold separately) to receive live XM broadcasts, from commercial-free music to sports, talk and news radio. If you’d rather listen to you favorite songs, load it up with MP3s from your music collection and take it with you. Record any song you hear directly from XM programming.  Use all of the memory for XM recordings and you’ll get up to 25 hours of music. The neXus gives you up to 16 hours of battery life, and will charge whenever it’s docked in a home or car cradle, so it’s always ready to go.TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE

Direct TV Receiver/DVR
DirectTV Receiver DVR
Cheapest Prices Ever!

DIRECTV® satellite receiver: Access over 250 digital-quality channels through DIRECTV. With plenty of premium channels and a variety of sports packages to choose from, you'll always find something to watch. You can even get program listings up to two weeks ahead of time with the Advanced Program Guide™. Digital video recorder (DVR)Digitally record up to 100 hours of your favorite programming, or enjoy the convenience of one-touch recording while you watch live TV. Never again will you have to buy videotapes or hassle with trying to set your VCR to record. A monthly DVR service fee of $5.99 applies.  Immediately rewind and replay whatever you're watching with the instant replay function, then restart the program where you left off. Record programs with your favorite actor, director or based on a special keyword. The function searches programs and schedules recording for you. Take advantage of the on-screen program guide, manual commercial skip and multiple speed rewind/fast forward to watch TV the way you want. TO BUY/More info CLICK HERE


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