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Latest Model Sirius XMRadio Satellite Receiver

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Sirius XMRadio Satellite Receiver

SIRIUS Starmate Replay Satellite Radio Receiver (ST2)

SIRIUS programming: Enjoy over 120 digital-quality channels of music, news, sports and entertainment from coast-to-coast.

Starmate Replay: Offers all the features of the original Starmate plus new "replay" features: pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of your favorite SIRIUS content with 44-minute recording time.

Easy-to-read display: Tells you the channel name and number, category, artist name, song title and time simultaneously. Features a blue backlit LCD display.

SIRIUS GameZone: Select your favorite sports teams from college football, the NBA, NFL and NHL, and your receiver will let you know when they’re on.

Song seek: Enter up to 30 of your favorite songs, and the receiver will alert you when they are playing on any of the music channels.

Listing and search options: Lets you search by channel name, artist name, song title, category and presets to find your favorite programming.

One-touch jump: With the touch of a button you can switch between the traffic and weather reports for your city and any of the other music, news or entertainment channels.

Easily transportable: With the use of a home and car docking kits, you can use the receiver in your office, home, car, boat and more.

Full-function remote control: Select channels, browse categories or change display settings quickly and easily.

Car kit included: It comes with everything you need to listen in your car—including a dot micro antenna and suction cup mount.

Requires a SIRIUS subscription.



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