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Latest Model DIRECTV Receiver with BuiltIn Digital Video Recorder

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DIRECTV Receiver with Built-In Digital Video Recorder
Model: R15

This DIRECTV receiver gives you the power to watch what you want, when you want, with just a simple push of the button. With the built-in digital video recorder, you can record up to 100 hours of your favorite programs to watch anytime.
  • Prices shown are "lease upgrade fees." Additional $4.99/mo. lease fee applies for each DIRECTV Receiver you add. Programming commitment required. See terms.

  • With DIRECTV Plus, you will be able to record and store up to 100 hours of DIRECTV programming — that's plenty of storage capacity for the average user

  • Dual tuners let you record 2 shows simultaneously, or watch one while recording the other; convenient one-touch recording.

  • Our DIRECTV products are intended only for residential use. DIRECTV activation and subscription are required within 30 days of purchase.

    Pause live TV and use rewind, instant replay and slow motion on live or recorded TV

    Browse up to 14 days of programming on the advanced program guide; automatically record your shows, even if the time or day changes, without recording reruns

    Find and record DIRECTV programming based on your favorite actors, directors, teams or hobbies

    Dolby Digital-compatible for rich, immersive sound

    Dolby Digital optical output, 2 sets of A/V outputs, phone jack, RF output with CH 3/4 switch, S-video output and 2 satellite-in connectors

    Universal IR remote included


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