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Latest Model Samsung 2GB MP3 Player

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Samsung 2GB Media Player
Samsung 2GB MP3 Player
Best Price Ever!

Samsung 2GB Digital Media Player (YP-T9JQU)

Plenty of memory:Latest Model Samsung 2GB MP3 Player This Samsung player comes with 2GB of built-in memory so you can store and play up to 500 MP3s or 1000 WMA files.

Enjoy videos: Play MPEG4 video files on the 1.8" color display—the included multimedia software formats the video to the optimal size.

Take along photos: The photo playback feature lets you enjoy your photos anywhere. Browse, zoom and re-center photos or set photos as background during playback.

Play Flash games: This player comes with built-in Flash games which are managed as individual files. You can download new games or delete old games to make room for more.

Multiple playback modes: Playback modes include Normal, Repeat, Repeat One, and Shuffle Variable. You can also speed up or slow down the music playback from -3x to 3x normal speed.

USB 2.0 connection: Enjoy super-fast transfers of audio files.

Built-in equalizer: Choose from 11 presets for different kinds of music, or customize the setting using the 9-band graphic equalizer.

Text viewer/file browser: The text color is customizable and can be viewed in portrait or landscape layout. Files can be browsed or deleted without connecting to a PC.

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Total: $170.71
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