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Latest Model JVC InDash Car DVD Player

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JVC InDash Car DVD Player

Latest Model JVC InDash Car DVD Player.

Entertainment on the go: Watch your favorite DVDs on the 3", full-color TFT monitor.

Plenty of power: 200 watts of peak power mean that whether you’re watching DVDs or listening to audio CDs, the sound is crisp, clean and as loud as you want it.

Massively compatible: This unit is compatible with the following formats: CD/CD-R/CD-RW, DTS/Dolby Digital/MPEG Audio, DVD-R/-RW/VCD, MP3 and WMA with ID3/WMA tag info. No matter how you store music and movies, this player can probably handle it.

Premiere materials: Controlled by voltage rather than current, MOSFET transistors create little or no heat to ensure fast response and high frequency. Gold-plated terminals reduce power leakage, resulting in higher quality music and video.

SIRIUS ready: This unit can be easily integrated with SIRIUS satellite radio.

Multi-function remote control: The remote has all of the usual functions and can be integrated with the controls on your steering wheel.

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