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Latest Model Sony DVD Player

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Sony DVD Player

Latest Model Sony DVD PlayerSony delivers excellent picture and sound quality so you get the most out of your movies. In addition to being an excellent DVD player, it can also be used as your CD or MP3 player. For gatherings, use it to share photos with friends and families.

Improved picture: Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology detects image changes at the pixel level. This delivers clear, sharp backgrounds, even with moving objects. The 12-bit video D/A converter with 108Mhz processing ensures high-quality video output.

Accurate error correction: Sony's Precision Drive™ 3 System better compensates for warped discs by moving the lens for faster more accurate error correction, which allows you to enjoy your movie without the frames freezing or skipping.

Multi-format playback: Enjoy movies, music and much more, thanks to compatibility with DVDS, CDs and MP3s.

Easy DVD hook-up guide: For the best possible picture, simply follow these guidelines and use the best cables your TV accepts:
Good: Composite video
Better: S-video
Best: Component video

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