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Latest Model Toshiba 19inch LCD HDTV

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Toshiba 19inch  LCD HDTV

Latest Model Toshiba 19inch LCD HDTV.This TV features a PC connection, so you can use it as a computer monitor. Connect a DVD player to the component input for a quality picture.

  • ED-ready: Capable of displaying enhanced-definition (480p) signals from an optical digital source. Displays high-definition digital content at reduced resolution. Conventional analog TV reception is provided via a built-in NTSC tuner

  • PC input allows you to connect your TV to a computer and use the TV as a PC monitor
    4:3 aspect ratio for viewing standard TV in fullscreen format

    Auto picture controls offer a 1-touch selection of various preset optimized image settings to suit different TV programs

    Crystal Clear III technologies include a 2D comb filter, dynamic contrast, blue stretch and green enhancement for natural looking picture and colors

    2D comb filter improves color and edge detailing for a stunning picture display

    2 built-in 5W speakers

    Incredible Surround technology dramatically magnifies the sound field and greatly enhances the stereo effect, creating a more natural surround dimension without the use of additional speakers; AutoSound and auto volume leveler

    Component video inputs make it easy to hook up a DVD player and optimize DVD output for stunning picture quality

    Inputs: 1 DVI-I, 1 PC audio, 2 component A/V (1 side, 1 rear), 1 S-video (side)

    Outputs: 1 headphone

    V-chip parental controls keep children from being exposed to undesirable material

    Other convenient features include an automatic tuning system and sleep timer

    Full-function remote included

  • 800 x 600 pixel resolution

Regular Price $599.99
SALE Price $499.99

Sales Tax$41.25

Shipping & Handling$80.00

Total: $621.24
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