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Latest Model Panasonic 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV

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Panasonic 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV

Latest Model Panasonic 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV.42" HD plasma display: Get all the perks of an HD plasma—superior brightness and color, as well as outstanding resolution in a slim package.

Built-in HD tuner: A built-in ATSC tuner means you don't have to purchase an additional component. If you receive HD programming, all you need to do to watch HDTV is plug, play, and enjoy!

Superior picture: Boasting a remarkable contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and up to 29 billion displayable colors, this plasma TV offers astounding picture quality. The TV is also equipped with several features that boost picture clarity, such as progressive-scan technology, video noise reduction, motion pattern noise reduction and Digital Cinema Reality. Together, these features remove color distortions, motion blurring and other image problems for a picture that is smooth, sharp and film-like.

Widescreen: The 16:9 aspect ratio delivers your favorite films in their original cinematic format without picture cropping.

Surround Sound: Digital surround sound gives you high-quality audio for a total theater experience.

A/V inputs, including 2 HDMI: A high-quality cable is essential to fully enjoy HDTV. Lower-quality cables degrade signals and lower picture quality. This set comes with 2 HDMI inputs so you can get the highest connection—and the best picture—possible. Other connections include S-video, component cable, composite cable, digital audio output, and a memory card slot for cameras.

Wall-mount options: Ever seen how sharp a plasma TV looks hanging on a wall? You can have that great wall-mounted look. Check the Accessories section to find out if there is a compatible mount.

Size options: If this TV sounds great but you think you might want a larger screen size, check to see if the 50” version (TH-50PX60U) is available.

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