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Latest Model Hitachi 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV

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Hitachi 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV

Latest Model Hitachi 42inch BigScreen Plasma HDTV.42" plasma display: Experience a big HD picture along with a thin plasma design. A 16-bit TV, the 42HDS69 boasts the ability to display an astounding 281 trillion colors!

HDTV: Enjoy a stunning, hi-def picture that is incredibly clear and true to life. A built-in HD tuner lets you watch HDTV without having to buy an additional receiver. The TV accepts 720p/480p/480i signals.

Improved picture: Enhancing picture quality is Hitachi’s ALiS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) technology. ALiS tightens up the screen dots, or pixels, that form the TV’s picture, delivering a smoother, more film-like image. Thanks to ALiS, Hitachi claims that the 42HDS69 can produce more detail than any plasma in its class.

Convenience: For your convenience, the TV offers adjustable color temperature settings, a picture-in-picture feature (which allows you to watch TV and another video source at the same time in a split screen), a screen saver and a sleep timer.

A/V versatility: A robust assortment of cable connections includes three HDMI inputs. HDMI is a wideband cable that transmits uncompressed video signals for the sharpest picture. Other A/V interfaces include component video, composite video, S-video, RF (antenna), and optical digital audio output.

Cable ready: The TV offers an input for a CableCard (a tuner card that can be inserted into a slot in the TV to replace a set-top box). It also has a QAM tuner, which allows you to plug a cable directly into the TV’s coaxial input to receive unencrypted cable stations (usually local channels).

Enhanced audio: The 36-watt three-way integrated speaker system delivers MTS stereo with dbx™ and simulated surround sound for a powerful, dynamic audio experience.

Includes: Tabletop stand and remote control.

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