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Latest Model Western Digital 320GB Internal Parallel ATA Hard Drive

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Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar® SE Internal Hard Drive (WD3200JBRTL)

High capacity: This 320GB drive is designed to meet the needs of people with heavy data storage needs. If you have tons of digital movies, photos, MP3s or large files, this drive has the room you need. You'll have room for up to 80,000 MP3s, 91.000 photos or 142 hours of DVD-quality video.

High performance: The fast 7200RPM spindle speed and EIDE (Ultra ATA/100) interface support burst transfer rates of up to 100MB per second. And the robust 8MB data buffer keeps more of your data available for high-speed access.

Finds and fixes: Data Lifeguard™ Tools™ are software utilities designed for WD hard drives. Data Lifeguard technology automatically finds, isolates and repairs problems that may develop from extended use of a hard drive.

Shock-protection: Shock Guard™ technology instantly protects the hard drive against damage from bumps and vibrations while it's running.

Cool and quiet: Cool operation results in the higher reliability—and this drive is extraordinarily cool. WhisperDrive™ technology minimizes operating noise to levels that are almost too soft for a human being to hear.

Easy installation: The kit includes installation and management software, hardware and easy, step-by-step illustrated instructions.

System requirements:
Windows® XP with SP 1/2000 with SP 3/ME/98SE (ME and 98SE may require an Ultra ATA controller card) or Mac® OS X v10.2 or later and a Mac-compatible ATA controller card

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