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Latest Model SanDisk 4GB MicroCruzer USB Drive

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SanDisk 4GB MicroCruzer USB Drive

4GB capacity:Latest Model SanDisk 4GB MicroCruzer USB Drive. This USB flash drive may be compact in size, but it's certainly not small in performance. Users can easily store up to 4GB of their key documents, pictures, music and more, then transfer them to another computer.

U3 Smart enabled: With U3, your programs are available at any time on any PC. The flash drive comes loaded with the following U3 programs: CruzerSync synchronization tool, SignupShield password manager, SKYPE voice over IP software and AVAST virus scan.

USB compatibility: The Micro offers high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and is backward compatible with all USB 1.1 ports.

Retractable USB connector: The retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. 

Easy transport: The small, compact size of the drive allows it to fit on any keychain for easy transport. 

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