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Latest Model Sharp Shelf Audio System.5-disc CD changer: Load and play five of your favorite CDs for hours of continuous listening. Play Exchange allows you to play one CD while changing another.

Speaker Illumination: Blue LEDs light up the speakers to the beat of your music.

Powerful sound: The Sharp CD-ES777 mini system is a perfect solution for any environment and features 300 watts maximum output power with 10% THD.

Three-way speakers: Three-way speakers provide precise, crisp, clean sound with added bass response.

CD formats: Play your CD-R/RW recorded CDs, and enjoy hours of all of your favorite tunes.

Cassette deck: Dual cassette decks let you make copies of your favorite tapes.

Digital tuner: Locate and lock precise AM/FM stations. Save your settings with 40 presets.

Clock/timer settings: Set the sleep timer to play music until you doze off.

Remote control: Operate your CD player, tape deck, and tuner from a comfortable location.

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