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Latest Model Linksys Cordless VOIP Internet Telephony Kit

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Linksys VOIP Internet Telephony Kit

Next-generation Internet calling: This Skype™-certified kit features a handset, charger and a USB base station that plugs into your computer. Use this kit in tandem with Skype to enjoy free, unlimited crystal-clear calls over the Internet.

Call everyone: Use Skype to call everyone you know. Call other Skype users anywhere, anytime, for free. Connect to regular phone lines with SkypeOut service or connect regular phone lines to Skype with SkypeIn service.

Cordless freedom: This cordless handset features an indoor range of 50 meters and an outdoor range of 300 meters, so you enjoy Skype voice-over Internet calls without being glued to your PC .

Supports Skype features: The handset supports SkypeOut dialing as well as your Skype contact list. It rings when you have a Skype or SkypeIn call coming in, and shows the caller ID on the screen. And this handset also supports Skype's optional voicemail service.

Cool handset features: The handset features an illuminated Caller ID screen, speakerphone, call waiting, and can act as an intercom to other handsets (sold separately).

Expandable: The included base station can support up to three additional handsets—you can even use this phone as an intercom.

System requirements:
Windows® XP/2000
PC with 400MHz processor or faster
128MB of RAM
15MB of HD space
CD-ROM drive
Skype software (installed on PC)
Available USB port
Broadband Internet connection


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