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Latest Model Motorola VOIP Internet Prone wireless Headset Kit

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Motorola VOIP Internet Prone Headset

Next-generation Internet calling: This kit features the Motorola H500 Bluetooth® Headset and PC850 PC Adapter—it’s the world’s first Skype-certified Bluetooth solution. Skype offers free, unlimited, Internet voice calls, while Motorola keeps you connected with the power of Bluetooth. This kit uses Bluetooth to let you make Skype voice-over Internet calls without being glued to your PC.

Free yourself: Skype and Motorola keep you connected–always! You can choose to forward Skype calls to your mobile phone when away from the PC. If you’re using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, you’ll be able to enjoy cord-free conversations using the Motorola H500–just one headset is all you need.

Easy to setup: Simply plug in the PC850 adapter to equip traditional notebooks and desktops with Bluetooth technology. Then follow a few easy steps to establish a cordless connection with the H500 headset. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying Internet calls up to 30 feet away from your Bluetooth-enabled PC.

Sophisticated headset: The ergonomic H500 headset provides excellent wireless connectivity and more. The H500 delivers a comfortable fit and superior audio performance. Despite its small size, this headset provides impressive power, offering up to eight hours of talk time.

Compatibility: This calling kit is compatible with Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/ XP.



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