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Latest Model Western Digital My Book 80GB External Hard Drive

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Western Digital External Hard Drive

Convenient storage: This compact and speedy drive offers 80GB of storage space, plus a 7200RPM rotational speed to ensure fast access to your data. You’ll have all the room you need for important files, movies, photos and music.

High performance: The robust 8MB data buffer keeps more of your data available for high-speed access.

Smart design: This case takes up less space on your desk. It stacks horizontally and allows two or more drives to stand neatly together like volumes on a bookshelf.

Google™ software: Search your drive, manage your photos and simplify web searches with the included Google software.

Power saving: The My Book external drive turns itself on and off with your computer to conserve power when it’s not in use.

Compatibility: Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP or Mac® OS v. 10.1 or later, available USB port

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