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Latest Model SIRIUS Portable Satellite Radio Receiver

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SIRIUS Portable Satellite Radio Receiver

Completely portable: The S50 gives you a range of listening options. When connected to the car dock or the optional home dock, you can listen to live SIRIUS broadcasts. You can also record SIRIUS content, which allows you to take programming with you when you're not at a dock. You can even wear the unit with an armband, to keep your tunes close at hand no matter what you're doing.

Recording feature: Record your favorite SIRIUS programming with the touch of a button, or transfer your favorite MP3/WMA playlists from your computer. The S50 also automatically creates three personalized channels based on your listening patterns.

New color display: See song and station information, sports scores and navigation icons in stunning full color on the S50’s easy-to-read screen.

Huge memory: The S50 can hold up to 50 hours of recorded SIRIUS content, with 512MBs allowed for MP3 or WMA files. With such a wide selection of choices, you'll always have something fresh to listen to.

Easy navigation: Tune, pause, rewind or fast-forward anything you're listening to with the turn or tilt of a single dial—it couldn't be simpler. Audio-assisted navigation lets you get to the program you want and keep your eyes on what you're doing.

SIRIUS programming: Enjoy over 120 digital-quality channels of music, news, sports and entertainment from coast to coast. Get constantly updated SIRIUS music beamed directly to your S50. Free yourself from programming schedules by recording your favorite shows and songs and playing them when you want.

Requires a SIRIUS subscription.

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