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Latest Model Polaroid 7 inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

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Polaroid Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

Polaroid 7" Two-Screen Portable DVD Player (PDM-2737)

Two 7" LCD screens: Enjoy two for the road—two 7” LCD screens. With this Polaroid portable DVD player, you can keep all your backseat occupants happy. Just hang the screens on the back of your car's front seats using the included straps, then connect the screen/player unit to the second screen with an A/V cable—and instantly your backseat becomes an entertainment center.

Twice the entertainment: You can watch a movie on both screens, or hook up a video game console and show a game on one screen and a movie on the other.

Widescreen: See movies in their original widescreen format (16:9) without picture cropping, for true theater-style viewing.

Multi-format playback: This unit plays DVD movies, audio CDs and JPEG picture CDs.

ESP (Electronic Skip Protection): No more annoying video skips when your car hits a pothole. The ESP feature compensates for rough roads, keeping the picture smooth and uninterrupted.

Built-in speakers: Get great sound from the built-in speakers with Dolby Digital decoding.

Portable power: The player features a rechargeable battery with 2.5 hours of battery life, plus a car-lighter power adapter.

Includes: Remote control, headrest straps, A/V cable, rechargeable battery, and headphones.


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