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Latest Model Lowrance iWay 350c Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation System

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Latest Model Lowrance Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation System

Super-bright LED display:Latest Model Lowrance iWay 350c Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation System The iWay 350c features a 3.5" backlit diagonal display that is easy to read day or night. It has 320 x 240 resolution and 16-bit color, so whether you’re using it for directions or to share pictures with your passengers, the display is crisp and clean.

Huge hard drive: The 4GB hard drive holds a built-in, detailed and highly accurate NAVTEQ® turn-by-turn database for the continental U.S. and Canada, with over 5,000 points of interest. It can also store up to 1,000 addresses and hundreds of MP3s and pictures. Maps can be loaded onto the unit through an internal USB port, and it includes an SD memory card slot to load JPEG pictures and MP3s.

Touch-screen navigation: The touch screen allows you to browse features quickly. It has a number of functions, like turn-by-turn audio and visual cues, including auto-zooming and automatic recalculation of directions after a missed turn to get you back on track. This receiver also boasts a Safety Passenger Mode that allows a buddy to use the unit’s functions while the car is in motion.

Bring your music with you: The iWay 350c is smarter than your average navigator. In addition to standard GPS functions, it also has a full-featured MP3 player so that you can listen to mixes on long car trips. Just plug an SD memory card into the integrated media slot and you’ll be rockin' all the way to your destination.

Built-in FM modulator: Broadcast audio directions or MP3s from the unit through your car’s stereo to take advantage of louder volume or your car audio upgrades.

Extra features: The iWay 350c comes loaded with extra features, like a built-in battery charger, integrated speakers, and a full one-year warranty.


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