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Samsung SlimFit 30" Widescreen Flat-Tube HDTV

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The SlimFit design of this flat-tube TV fits into places you never thought you could accommodate a tube TV before. With plenty of image-enhancing technologies and BBE High Definition Sound Processing, everything you watch looks and sounds as if you're in the middle of the action.
  • Built-In HDTV Tuner: Add HD-capable antenna to receive over-the-air high-definition broadcasts, where available. Optional set-top box required for high-definition cable or satellite programming.

  • Auto sensing component video inputs make it easy to hook up a DVD player and optimize DVD output for stunning picture quality

  • HDMI input provides an uncompressed all-digital audio/video link for the highest-quality connection and supports copy-protected HD broadcast content
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with normal, wide, zoom 1 and zoom 2 viewing modes

    3-2 pulldown for accurate reproduction of film-based sources

    1080i display provides the highest-quality interlaced picture possible from a high-definition source; also supports 480p, 480i and 720p

    Dynamic black level expander and white peak limiter increase contrast and deliver a sharper, more realistic 3D image

    Flat picture tube produces vivid images without the glare and picture distortion common with curved picture tubes

    Digital comb filter brings out fine picture detail and enhances color purity

    Other advanced image enhancement technologies include velocity scan modulation, finer pixel dot pitch DynaFlat HD CRT, dynamic multiple focus electron gun, vertical compression, tilt correction, INVAR shadow mask and digital signal processing

    Progressive scanning maximizes the picture quality of progressive-scan DVD players, set-top boxes and digital video recorders

    Inputs: 1 HDMI (rear), 2 component video (rear), 2 S-video (1 side, 1 rear), 4 composite A/V (1 side, 3 rear), 2 RF (rear)

    Outputs: 1 monitor (rear)

    20W stereo sound with preset sound modes, adjustable equalizer and BBE High Definition Sound Processing for full, rich sound

    Auto volume leveler prevents volume fluctuations and is ideal for night viewing

    V-Chip parental controls keep children from being exposed to undesirable material

    Other convenient features include Remote Surf timer, sleep timer, clock, translucent trilingual on-screen menu display, channel labeling and self-diagnostic system

    Universal remote included

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