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Memorex® 16x16 Dual-Format Double-Layer DVD Recorder

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Memorex Double Layer DVD Burner

Memorex® 16x16 Dual-Format Double-Layer DVD Recorder (32023292)

Preserve files and memories: Use this Memorex® 16x16 dual-format double-layer DVD recorder to backup important documents, edit and save digital photos or video, create slideshows and other multimedia projects.

Double-layer recording: Store and record double the data—use special dual-layer DVD+R9 media to record up to 8.5GB of information to one disc. You can also burn to any other regular CD or DVD format.

Fast and smooth performance: Fast double-layer recording lets you burn a full DVD+R9 in less than 6 minutes at speeds up to 4x. You can also record DVD+/-Rs at speeds up to 16x, DVD+RWs up to 8x and DVD-RW up to 6x. Burn CD-Rs at speeds up to 48x and CD-RWs up to 24x. Built-in buffer underrun protection lets you run programs and surf the Internet while you burn discs.

Software: The included Nero®6 software package has all the tools you need to create fun and exciting DVDs and CDs in a few simple steps.



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