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Garmin StreetPilot c330 GPS

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Garmin Car GPS Street Pilot

Built-in basemaps containing state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines, state and interstate highways, local thoroughfares and secondary roads within metro areas, federal interstate highway exit information for services, such as food, lodging and truck, RV and automotive service stations

Accepts downloadable map detail from Garmin PC-based MapSource City Navigator CD-ROM (included), which provides street-level detail, addresses, listings of nearest restaurants, hotels, ATMs and more. Note: Requires CompactFlash card (128 MB CF card included).

Data card will not hold complete contents of DVD

Powerful microprocessor for fast redraw and route calculation

Built-in patch antenna with an MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna

Audio and visual navigation instructions and warnings

Alphanumeric remote control

Includes sand bag for temporary mounting and adhesive clip for permanent mounting

Performance Specs

Receiver: 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position

Update rate: 1 second, continuous

GPS position accuracy: less than 15 meters (49 feet), 95% typical

GPS velocity accuracy: 0.05 meters per second, steady state

Acquisition times: Warm: Approximately 15 seconds; Cold: Approximately 45 seconds; AutoLocate: Approximately 2 minutes

Antenna: Built-in patch; MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna


Navigation Specs

Waypoints: 500 with name and graphic symbol

Routes: Automatically calculated with turn-by-turn instructions; up to 50 stored

Track log: 2,000 track log points

Map Datums: Using built-in basemap, routes include interstates, highways and major thoroughfares; with detailed data from CD-ROM, routes include residential street-level detail within metropolitan areas

Trip Computer: Resettable odometer, timers, average and maximum speeds

Basic Specs

Dimensions: 5.6"W x 3.2"H x 2.0"D

Weight: 0.93 pounds (420 grams)

Display size: 3.3" W x 1.7" H, 305 x 160 pixels

Display properties: Bright, automotive-grade 8-bit, 256 color LCD w/automatic dimming backlight and touch screen; compatible with polarized sunglasses

Remote: Infrared remote control

Photo sensor: Senses lighting conditions for automatic backlight dimming

Data storage: Indefinite; no memory battery required

Data storage: Indefinite; no memory battery required

Map storage: CompactFlash memory cards; type I and II compatible

Power: 12/24 volts DC power

Battery Life: No battery needed

System Requirements:


Windows 98, Windows ME,Windows 2000, or Windows XP operating system

Dimensions:5.6 x 3.2 x 2

Key Features Touch screen and remote control

WAAS Enabled:Yes.

Battery Life:No batteries required

Weight:0.93 lbs

Model No.:010-00273-03


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