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Palm Life Drive Mobile Handheld

Palm® LifeDrive™ Mobile Manager (1044NA)

Manage your life: Access virtually anything from the palm of your hand. This PDA lets you carry Word® documents, spreadsheets, digital photos, MP3s and more. Easily transfer files from your PDA to PC and back with Dataviz® Documents to Go 7.0.

High-performance: The Garnet v5.4 operating system taps into a wide range of multimedia and wireless capabilities, including MP3 and video playback. The Intel® 416MHz XScale™ processor ensures that even the most complex functions run smoothly.

Memory capacity: 4GB of built-in memory lets you carry years worth of emails, thousands of Word documents, hundreds of digital photos and MP3s and plenty more.

Expansion slot: The built-in expansion slot makes it easy to add the extra hardware, software and memory you need. Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCards.

Digital media: The expansion slot lets you use the LifeDrive as an MP3 player or digital photo album. You can even screen video clips on the color display.

Wireless-ready: Integrated Bluetooth® technology lets you communicate directly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Sync with your desktop or use a Bluetooth-capable phone to send email or surf the Internet—it's that easy. You can even hook up from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Handle everything: This PDA lets you access and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat files.

Cool display: The 320 x 480 easy-to-read color screen displays pictures, documents and more with terrific clarity and detail.

File management: Drag and drop files from your PC to your handheld in a flash.

5-way navigator: Bounce easily from file to file or application to application.

Software bundle: Pocket Tunes, web browser, VersaMail® 3.1 and more.

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