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Best Frank Sinatra Songs
An icon of American music, Frank Sinatra defined sophisticated pop singing of the post-war era and spent more than 50 years in the limelight. After formative stints with Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, and others, Sinatra shot to worldwide fame through hit records and Hollywood movies. His hip, laid-back delivery defined cool, yet he also had a down-to-earth manner that connected easily with audiences. Ups and downs would follow him throughout his career--the details of his private life were not always fit for public consumption--but right up till the end, every comeback stregthened the intense loyalty of his fans.
Album tracks:
1.   The Sky Fell Down
2.   Too Romantic
3.   This Is The Beginning Of The End
4.   Devil May Care
5.   April Played The Fiddle
6.  East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
7.  Whispering
8.  Looking For Yesterday
9.  Tell Me At Midnight
10.  Shadows On The Sand
11.  You're Breaking My Heart (All Over Again)
12.  You Lucky People, You
13.  Without A Song
14.  Blue Skies
15.  Violets For Your Furs
16.  Poor You
17.  The Night We Called It A Day
18.  The Lamplighter's Serenade
19.  The Song Is You
20.  Night And Day 

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